The WSJ quoted former ambassador C. Boyden Gray’s opinion that a giant aluminum stockpile, recently shipped from the Mexican desert to Vietnam, belongs to a prominent Chinese aluminum company. The full article is available here.

“A large amount of Vietnam’s aluminum imports has come from China. Nearly all of Vietnam’s Chinese aluminum-extrusion imports came from Liaoning province, where China Zhongwang’s plants are located,” said Boyden Gray, former U.S. ambassador to the European Union and a founding partner at Boyden Gray & Associates PLLC. A representative for Mr. Gray said his firm is studying China Zhongwang and Mr. Liu’s trade activities.

“It is clear that aluminum products held by Global Vietnam Aluminum were produced by China Zhongwang,” Mr. Gray said, claiming clear ties between Mr. Liu and several of the companies that have received and shipped large shipments of aluminum in the U.S., Mexico and Vietnam.