Healthcare & COVID-19

Boyden Gray PLLC has led the charge against federal vaccine mandates.  On behalf of a coalition of small businesses, the firm filed the first emergency motion against the OSHA mandate at the U.S. Supreme Court, which ultimately adopted the firm’s arguments.  The firm also saved the careers of countless employees by obtaining a nationwide injunction against the federal employee vaccine mandate, and the firm has defended that injunction on appeal, including before the 17-judge en banc Fifth Circuit.  To date, this remains the only successful lawsuit against the federal employee mandate.

The firm also routinely challenges the Food & Drug Administration, including in a high-profile suit alleging the agency dragged its feet for nearly two years rather than grant the State of Florida’s request to start importing safe, cheap prescription drugs from Canada.  The firm is actively litigating a separate suit alleging the agency has unlawfully interfered in the practice of medicine.

In addition, the firm has filed appellate briefs regarding funding for healthcare providers under the Medicaid Act and the tax implications of the Affordable Care Act.