Washington, D.C. – Boyden Gray PLLC’s Managing Partner Jonathan Berry’s contributions to the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 are quoted in a recent New York Times column, “What I Learned When I Read 887 Pages of Plans for Trump’s Second Term” by Carlos Lozada. The piece explores the arguments and policy discussions in “Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise,” which lays out a policy playbook for the next conservative president. 

The column quotes Berry’s outlook for a more holistic vision of the American workforce which respects the intrinsic dignity of the person behind the job: “In a chapter on the Department of Labor, the book suggests that because ‘God ordained the Sabbath as a day of rest,’ American workers should be paid extra for working on that day. ‘A shared day off makes it possible for families and communities to enjoy time off together, rather than as atomized individuals,’ it says.”