Amb. C. Boyden Gray and Dr. Ben Carson published an editorial in The Washington Examiner on August 26, 2021, urging public health officials to follow the science and stop suppressing the discussion of early COVID-19 treatment options for all patients. They write,

The bulwark of opposition to repurposed drugs from public health officials, tech companies, academics, and the media has been astonishing. The shaming and erasing of clinicians who have actually healed patients with therapeutics has significantly damaged the public’s trust in medicine and scientific research.

Instead of embracing new and potentially promising treatments, public officials and media have manufactured the illusion of scientific consensus, relying at times on mischaracterization and sometimes outright fraud. They write,

One of the most striking examples of this was the infamous May 2020 Lancet paper that claimed hydroxychloroquine is dangerous to COVID-19 patients. It was based on faked data, and the journal retracted it, with the Lancet editor later dubbing that paper a “monumental fraud.” There was this past summer’s reporting on ivermectin, with cable news and the CDC itself promoting the notion that it is strictly a veterinary medicine (it is not). It was also claimed that emergency rooms have been overwhelmed with Ivermectin overdose patients (they were not).

To read the full editorial, visit The Washington Examiner.