C. Boyden Gray and Jonathan Berry published an editorial in Newsweek on May 4, 2021 arguing that to establish true equality we must reject notions of “equity”. They write,

The idea that equal outcomes—or “equity”—should be achieved at the expense of equal opportunity has come to be the dominant view of the American intelligentsia, especially with regard to race. Vice President Kamala Harris, for example, released a video not long ago arguing “that there’s a big difference between equality and equity.” Equality of opportunity is unfair; what’s now needed is “equity,” which “means that we all end up at the same place.”

But forced equity is not the solution, Gray and Berry write,

This is not to say that many present racial disparities in the U.S. are not the product of past racial discrimination—clearly, many are. But the goal should be to eliminate the remaining obstacles to minority and individual success, rather than requiring permanent racial balancing in all spheres of life, enforced by explicit racial discrimination among groups.

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