Washington D.C. – Boyden Gray PLLC Partner Michael Buschbacher and research fellow Taylor Myers co-authored an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, “Electric Cars Emit More Particulate Pollution.” The piece exposes deeply flawed assumptions California bureaucrats make in support of the state’s bid to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035.  

Noting that most of today’s vehicle-related particulate matter comes from tire wear, Buschbacher and Myers make the case that banning gasoline cars would do little to reduce particulate emissions, and it could even increase them.

“California calls electric cars ‘zero emissions vehicles’ because they don’t have tailpipes. That is deceptive. Generating the electricity that powers those cars creates particulate pollution, and of course electric cars still use tires, which are made from petroleum. Electric cars weigh far more than gasoline-powered ones, so their tires degrade faster, as electric car buyers are learning. The same analytics firm cited earlier compared two cars—a plug-in electric and a hybrid. The electric car weighed about one-third more than the hybrid and emitted roughly one-quarter more particulate matter because of tire wear. Total direct emissions went up, not down, when the electric car was driven.”

Read the full piece here.