Washington, D.C. — The partners and professionals at Boyden Gray PLLC are profoundly saddened by the passing of our beloved founding partner, C. Boyden Gray. He was a dear friend and mentor, a devoted father and grandfather, and a man of the very highest character. Ambassador Gray was the consummate public servant, one of the most respected and influential legal thinkers of his generation, and a trusted advisor to presidents, legislators, regulators, and business leaders on matters of law, policy, and international affairs. He was unique and uniquely gifted, a true American original.


“Boyden Gray devoted his life to the foundational principles of American freedom. From his service in the Marine Corps to his years at the White House, Ambassador Gray used his immense energy and enormous intellect to promote, preserve, and defend the Constitution’s guarantee of a republican form of government,” said Jonathan Berry, Boyden Gray PLLC’s Managing Partner. “After decades of honorable public service, he founded Boyden Gray PLLC to continue his work advocating for conservative legal causes. Ambassador Gray envisioned a firm of best-in-class lawyers for the battle to secure our system of ordered liberty, specializing in solving the thorniest and most consequential issues of law and public policy.” 


Prior to his passing, Ambassador Gray worked with his partners, Jonathan Berry, R. Trent McCotter, and Michael Buschbacher, to restructure the firm, so that it could serve for many years as a steward of his legacy. “We will proudly carry on Boyden’s unique vision, guided by his commitment to ensuring that America remains a shining beacon of freedom,” said Mr. Berry.

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