Washington, D.C. – After decades in the highest levels of government and private practice, Ambassador C. Boyden Gray founded Boyden Gray & Associates PLLC as a premier law and strategy firm.  The practice was established to promote the structures of American self-government and sound public policy.  

Prior to his recent passing, Ambassador Gray worked with his partners, Jonathan Berry, R. Trent McCotter, and Michael Buschbacher, to restructure the firm so it could serve as an ongoing steward of this legacy and vision. As part of this effort the firm is pleased to announce that it will now operate as Boyden Gray PLLC.  

“Ambassador Gray built a firm of best-in-class lawyers dedicated to continuing his life’s work protecting the foundational principles of American freedom,” said Jonathan Berry, Managing Partner. “The new name, Boyden Gray PLLC, honors Ambassador Gray’s vital work. We are proud to continue that work in the battles to secure liberty and self-government.”  


Boyden Gray PLLC provides clients with strategic counsel, regulatory engagement, and impact litigation on the most difficult issues across law, public policy, and politics. The firm advises clients—including corporations, shareholders, trade associations, and workers—across a range of sectors, including energy, financial services, healthcare, and nonprofit. Its attorneys are all experienced litigators, and the firm regularly represents clients before federal trial and appellate courts, including parties and amici before the Supreme Court of the United States.

The professionals at Boyden Gray PLLC have particular expertise in the following areas: 

Administrative Law: The firm advises clients about the regulatory process, prepares detailed rulemaking comments to force agency consideration of client concerns, and then litigates to stop unlawful rules. The firm has repeatedly prevailed in “unwinnable” cases involving complex constitutional issues, direct challenges to Executive Orders, and agency abuse of enforcement discretion—obtaining Supreme Court, en banc, and nationwide injunction victories against Biden Administration overreach. 

Energy and Environment: The firm advises and litigates as lead counsel in many of the highest-profile energy and environment matters across the country, both to vindicate the rule of law and to advance an “all-of-the-above” energy policy. The firm is uniquely positioned as a trusted counselor to both the fossil-fuel and the biofuels industries. 

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG): The firm was the first to litigate the Biden Administration’s injection of ESG considerations into corporate governance and 401(k)s, and the first to challenge the SEC’s politicized screening of shareholder proposals. The firm counsels corporations and shareholders alike on navigating the ESG landscape and assists with the shareholder proposal process. 

Labor and Employment Regulation: The populist frictions emerging since 2016—amplified by the explosion of politicized capitalism after 2020—offer rocky terrain for businesses navigating employment relations. The firm challenges overreach in the workplace, both private and public. 

For additional information, please contact media@boydengray.com