WASHINGTON, D.C. — Boyden Gray PLLC Managing Partner Jonathan Berry and G. Roger King, Senior Labor and Employment Counsel for the HR Policy Association, called on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to remove barriers that make it harder for job applicants without a college degree to advance in the workplace. In a joint letter, Berry and King argue that the agency should permit employment tests for certain jobs that currently require a post-secondary degree. 

Berry and King write: “The solution is to make clear that employers can create an alternative pathway for non-college candidates through employment testing, and if they do so, the typical validation requirements do not apply.”

The two labor attorneys argue that including testing as a validator stands to expand opportunity in the workforce: “By adding an employment test option as a way for potential candidates to get around college degree requirements, employers are opening positions up to the disproportionately minority group of workers who lack a college degree.”

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