Boyden Gray spoke with Bloomberg’s David Westin on Tuesday about the Trump Transition and the new Administration’s relationship to Europe. The video is available here.

On the urgency of filling sub-cabinet positions in the Administration:

[T]he rule of thumb in Washington is that you only have a six-month window really to launch policies because then the bureaucracy closes around you, and Washington closes around you, so there is a premium on getting a fast start, because you only have so much time to start the initiatives that you want to do. It’ll take quite some time to implement them, but to get them started requires at a minimum of key people in the sub-cabinet positions.

On Europe:

[President-Elect Trump] would solve all the questions about his positions if he went over there and talked to the leaders. He really needs to meet them face to face. . . . A trip to Europe should be one of his first priorities. It’s our largest trading partner, our strongest allies, and we have a trade relationship that means our economies are intertwined. If we’re going to grow at the rate he wants to grow here, he’s got to help Europe get up to the rate we’re growing.