Today Boyden Gray & Associates partner Adam Gustafson represented Urban Air Initiative at an EPA hearing on the Midterm Evaluation of EPA’s greenhouse gas standards for new vehicles.

Mr. Gustafson commended EPA for reopening the Midterm Evaluation and for requesting comment on high-octane fuel blends and their relationship to the standards. He urged EPA to facilitate the use of midlevel ethanol blends for improved vehicle efficiency.

Specifically, Mr. Gustafson asked EPA to approve a mid-level ethanol certification fuel, remove the fuel economy formula’s penalty for ethanol blends, and correct EPA’s misinterpretation of the Clean Air Act to impose a more stringent RVP standard on mid-level ethanol blends.

During the previous Administration, Boyden Gray & Associates filed comments for Urban Air Initiative on EPA’s Proposed Determination that the existing greenhouse gas standards were appropriate. BG&A’s comments urged EPA to consider the auto industry’s need for higher-octane fuel to enable more efficient vehicles.